Sit Means Sit-Waukesha is working to ensure that every dog is a welcome and enjoyable member of the family, regardless of age, breed or temperament of the dog. At Sit Means Sit-Waukesha, we believe that there is no dog that cannot be trained.

Matt Meitner – Owner/Head Trainer

Matt’s story is similar to so many others: He adopted a shepherd-lab rescue as a family dog but soon realized she was going to be more than he could handle alone. Bella showed signs of separation anxiety and dog aggression. In January of 2012, he reached out to Jason Loomis with Sit Means Sit-North Milwaukee for help.

After just a few weeks, Bella was no longer anxious or dog aggressive as she once was. Matt officially joined Sit Means Sit-North Milwaukee, as a part-time trainer, in July, 2012.

It wasn’t long before Matt realized his calling and became a full-time trainer in January of 2013. After a full year of learning under Jason Loomis, Matt became owner and head trainer of Sit Means Sit-Waukesha in January 2014.

Matt and his wife, Olivia, have 2 children: Caleb, who is a promising young dog trainer of his own, and Alyssa, another little dog lover. Along with Bella, Matt has one other dog, Kane, a pit-shepherd mix.

Matt also coaches high school football at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School and trains in tae kwon do at World Martial Arts Academy in New Berlin, WI, where he is a 2nd degree black belt.

Olivia Meitner – Owner / Office Manager

Olivia was born and raised in Augusta, GA and moved to Wisconsin in 2005. She was a quick believer in Sit Means Sit, in 2012, when she was able to go for walks with her dog, Bella, along with a double stroller and 2 children walking, after only 2 weeks! When she is not busy answering phones and her administrative duties, she has her hands full raising her two children, Caleb and Alyssa, as well as babysitting for her nieces and nephews. When she has time to relax, she loves to snuggle up with one of her dogs on the couch. Olivia is the friendly voice you hear when calling Sit Means Sit – Waukesha.

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Julie Heinzel – Marketing Director

Growing up, Julie always had at least 2 dogs (and a few cats, birds, fish, hamsters, etc) at any given point as a part of her family.  Her mother worked for a veterinarian and often brought home animals for short rehabilitation periods (her favorite were Ann & Andy, the young raccoons who lost their mother) before they were either released or adopted.  This showed her how important it is to have a happy and healthy animal in order for them to be successful.

Julie has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication and worked for 10 years at the Kohl’s corporate office in Buying and Brand Marketing before leaving to stay home with her youngest child.  When her son started school full-time, she re-entered the workplace for part-time employment at Whelan’s Coffee shop in Oconomowoc.  There, she enjoyed organizing and marketing the business, working with customers and creating the chalkboard art in the shop.

In May 2015, Julie came to Sit Means Sit to give Olivia some much needed time off with her family and to take on Marketing.  She’s one of the friendly voices you will hear when you call our offices and is rallying toward making Sit Means Sit a household name.

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