Meghan G.

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I am a veterinarian who came to Matt and Sit Means Sit with a very sweet but very unruly rescue Pitbull puppy named Bosley. Admittedly, I was in over my head with training, but I wanted to learn and be very involved in the training process. Through a lot of time, hard work and patience, Matt has helped me develop Bosley into an incrediblely well behaved boy – I commonly get strangers asking who I worked with for training! Matt’s training has also helped strengthen the bond between myself and my loveable little pup, I am incredibly grateful to their team. I recommend Matt and Sit Means Sit to any of my friends and clients!

Lindsey S.

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Matt is a really excellent trainer. He not only trains your dog, but he also trains you to be a better dog handler.

When we first adopted Willie, a pit bull mix with a choppy backstory, we were told that he was great with other dogs. We found out within the first couple days of having him that ‘great’ was not the case. Willie was extremely dog reactive – he’d fixate on other dogs and growl like there was no tomorrow. It got to the point where I was scared to walk him because of how he reacted to other dogs. I started to wonder why he was like this, if it was because of his time in the high kill shelter in Alabama, if it was because he was beaten by one of his fosters, or even if it was me and if I wasn’t the right owner for him.

I started to realize that I needed to stop fixating on why he was like that – I just needed to help him. It wasn’t fair to him to be cooped up because I was afraid to take him outside. I started looking at trainers and quickly got discouraged because many facilities wouldn’t work with aggressive dogs.

And then I found Matt. At our consultation, Willie went berserk when he saw Kane, but that didn’t stop Matt from working with us. We started our private lessons in July and began taking Willie to group lessons in November.

It’s February. I can sit Willie next to another dog without getting nervous. He can focus on me instead of fixating on other dogs. Matt very well may have saved Willie’s life. And not only that, but he gave me the confidence that I needed to work with my dog. For this, Matt, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda J.

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Matt and Olivia are outstanding. From my first (rather hysterical) phone call to Olivia, to Matt’s almost immediate response was something I had never received before. Olivia was extremely sympathetic when I called (my husband wanted to put our dog down) and assured me that Sit Means Sit could help. Matt called and scheduled a visit almost immediately, assessed Chase, and gave us our options. We chose full immersion/board to give ourselves a break. Matt had Chase for 21 days, and returned a different dog to us! He comes, he places (kind of) and he sits (we are working on that one). He spent a lot of time showing my husband and me how/why/what to do to make Chase’s training successful. I am looking forward to attending the group classes and working with Matt’s trainers to learn more, for Chase and myself. I would definitely recommend Sit Means Sit to anyone with a dog with issues. Thanks for saving my dog!

Jessica O.

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Matt has trained two of my dogs. Zoie charged the door and was aggressive with delivery people. Odin lunged at new people. Now both dogs are obedient, relaxed and their behavioral issues are solved. Matt is a wonderful person and trainer. Thank you Matt!