Matt Meitner

Matt Meitner


Matt’s story is similar to so many others: He adopted a shepherd-lab rescue as a family dog but soon realized she was going to be more than he could handle alone. Bella showed signs of separation anxiety and dog aggression. In January of 2012, he reached out to Jason Loomis with Sit Means Sit-Milwaukee for help.

After just a few weeks, Bella was no longer anxious or dog aggressive as she once was. Matt officially joined Sit Means Sit-Milwaukee, as a part-time trainer, in July, 2012.

It wasn’t long before Matt realized his calling and became a full-time trainer in January of 2013. After a full year of learning under Jason Loomis, Matt became owner and head trainer of Sit Means Sit-Waukesha in January 2014.

In the first year of being a Sit Means Sit owner, Matt won the “”Rookie of the Year”” award for being the top new franchise owner.

In 2016, Matt competed against the top trainers in the United States and took home the title of Top Trainer in the entire country!

In October, 2017, Matt took the reigns of the location where he got his start and he is now the owner of Sit Means Sit-Milwaukee as well as Franklin-Oak Creek.

Matt and his wife, Olivia, have 2 children: Caleb, who is a promising young dog trainer of his own, and Alyssa, another little dog lover. Along with Bella, Matt has another dog, Kane, a pit-shepherd mix. Matt and his family saved Kane from being put down due to aggression and gave him a much happier and stable life.

Matt has a degree in psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College and trains in tae kwon do at World Martial Arts Academy in New Berlin, WI, where he is a 2nd degree black belt. He also spends his free time coaching his children in their respective sports.

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