Watch how Fred’s confidence goes down leash to inspire the dog to follow and not be afraid. Many dogs need a leader and Fred provided that. Most people feed their dogs fear by by avoiding certain areas or behaviors. Be your dog’s leader and good things will follow, even your dog.

Rewarding the dog for poor behavior

Here is a video which shows, not only the change in the owners thought process but also, the effect of confidence. The owner had little confidence in her ability so the dog was allowed to be fearful. Also (not shown on the video) many owner try to console their dog and are actually feeding the behavior of being fearful by petting their dog. This actually reinforces the poor behavior because you rewarding the dog for the behavior.

Fear & low confidence can manifest into aggression

This video shows how fear and low confidence can manifest into aggression. Through proper training and confidence building allows the dog to become more social with other animals.

keeping a calm demeanor

It is important to keep a calm demeanor while working fear aggressive dogs. This trainer was able to keep calm and utilize the SMS system to help the dog understand proper behavior.

How to manage the fear and aggression

Ashton used his body to manage some of the fear and aggression to minimize the reaction from the Doberman. This allows the dog to have some comfort and security while maintaining the proper behavior.