Dogs have intense emotions that, if left unchecked, can lead to misbehavior and leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and embarrassed. They especially have issues controlling excitement, and depending on the breed, their protective instincts—these are two issues which directly result in jumping and barking.


Whether from excitement, an over-abundance of protective instinct, or loneliness, having a barking dog can be intimidating, frustrating and disruptive to your neighbors when you are not at home.

Whether you’ve had guests who are afraid to come into your home, you have experience the frustration of always having to talk over your barking dog, or you have had noise complaints from your neighbors, our braking training is perfect for your family and your dog.

Contact us today so we can assess your dog and custom-design training solutions that will actually work for your whole family.


Nobody likes entering a house with a dog that is jumping on them, and whether it’s you, your family, or your guests, it is a frustrating and sometimes unsafe experience.

Overexcited dogs can be a nuisance, embarrassing their owners while presenting the potential of people, especially children being knocked over. We have to take special care with kids and dogs, because one bad memory can instigate a fear, which is a circumstance that nobody wants.

It’s time to have a dog that can control that excitement without feeling like they are misbehaving.

At Sit Means Sit Dog Training, we work not just with the dogs, but with your family, so that everyone in the household understands how to instruct the dog about jumping without cruelty and in a way that the dog will really listen.

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