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Locations in this area
Location options throughout the week

One of the great benefits of being a member of the Sit Means Sit family, is there are over 90 locations around the country, including 2 in this immediate area! Not only do you have unlimited access to the Sit Means Sit – Waukesha group classes, you also have access to the Sit Means Sit – North Milwaukee classes! This gives you 6 options throughout the week that you can attend group class around YOUR schedule.

Here are the current days, times and locations of all classes (location running class in parentheses):

  • Monday 6:00p (SMS Menomonee Falls)

  • Monday 7:00p (SMS Menomonee Falls)

  • Tuesday 6:00p (SMS Waukesha )

  • Wednesday  6:00p (SMS Waukesha)

  • Wednesday 7:00 (SMS Waukesha)

  • Friday 1:00pm (SMS Waukesha)

  • Saturday 8:00a (SMS Waukesha)

  • Saturday 9:00a (SMS Waukesha)

  • Saturday 9:00a (SMS Menomonee Falls)

  • Saturday 10:00a (SMS Waukesha)

Sit Means Sit – Waukesha:
1325 Pearl Street Waukesha, WI 53186
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Sit Means Sit – North Milwaukee:
N60 W14447 Kaul Ave, Menomonee Falls, WI
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