Additional Videos

  1. Saving Your Pet Using the SMS Method

    This dog’s owners were told that there was no hope and that they should euthanize their pet. This is another example of the profound transformations that are achieved with the SMS method.…View Our Video

  2. Extreme Aggression Dog Transformation

    Chicago Dog Training with an Aggressive Pitbull from Darrel Hager on Myspace. Extreme aggression from a large bully breed. After only 10 minutes with a SMS trainer we see a different dog.…View Our Video

  3. Building Trust & Confidence with Aggressive Dogs

    After 3 trainers had declined to work with this dog, we demonstrate how building attention value, trust and confidence can make a profound transformation with even the most extreme cases.…View Our Video

  4. Example of Very Aggressive Dog

    Great example of a dog with extreme aggression towards people.…View Our Video

  5. Full Immersion Program

    Nice short video demonstrating why choosing the full immersion program. With the Sit Means Sit program we can achieve rapid and reliable results…View Our Video

  6. Debra and “Marley”

    “Marley” participated in a full immersion training program. Her owner, Debra, was amazed with the results!…View Our Video

  7. “Amber” – Off leash, distance obedience at 4 months

    Amber demonstrates a high level of off leash control at a distance in this video.…View Our Video

  8. Puppy and Junior Trainer do an obstacle course

    Having fun with your dog is an important part of training, for all ages, dogs and people alike! Watch as Caleb, 7, completes an obstacle course with our very own puppy, Amber…View Our Video

  9. Scott Johnson and “Sadie”

    Scott and his family were not sure if they were going to keep “Sadie” because of how out of control she was. Now, after just 4 private lessons, they are confident owners and are happy to have this won…View Our Video

  10. Puppy off leash obedience

    In this video, “Amber”, at only 4 months old, shows off some off some off leash obedience. Even at an early age, dogs can have great attention and focus!…View Our Video

  11. Charlie – 10 day full immersion

    Here is Charlie on the 10th day of her full immersion training. He is doing a great job learning to control all of that energy!…View Our Video

  12. “Amber” 9 weeks old

    This video shows my 9 week old puppy Amber as she begins to learn attention with minimal distractions. Using treats as a reward can be helpful if used with the correct timing.…View Our Video

  13. O’Malley 10 day full immersion training

    O’Malley came to us for 10 days for some full immersion training. Take a look at the amazing progress in just a short period of time!…View Our Video

  14. Off leash obedience in a parking lot

    Kane is showing off his off leash obedience as he places at a distance.…View Our Video